Monday, November 4, 2013

Warmth on a Winter Day

  Mulling Spice Elixir
2   Cinnamon sticks 
2 T  Allspice    
1  Nutmeg nut 
1 T  Ginger, dried 
1  Vanilla bean
6 c. Apple juice
½ c   Raw Sugar
½ c  Brandy

Make a decoction of the spices by simmering them in the apple juice for one hour. Then add the raw sugar to sweeten while it is warm. Mix well. To every quart add ½ c Brandy. The Mulling Spices simmering on the stove can also serve to invoke the senses and warm the spirit.  These warming circulatory, stimulating spices keep the blood pumping even while enjoying the great outdoors  during winter. Have a wee bit of Mulling Spice before your next winter walk or sledding expedition and experience the tingling in your toes as something other than frost bite. 

Recipe from our friend and fabulous herbalist Teresa Boardwine of Green Comfort Herbal Education


Angela McRae said...

Can't wait for the internet to have a "smell" feature one day, especially for posts like this one!

Marilyn Miller said...

I have just been thinking it was time for mulling some apple cider or juice. It does make the house smell amazing and definitely warms to the toes.

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

I wish I could smell this, I bet it is heavenly!

Thanks for your sweet wishes to my grandson and his bride! So neat that you remembered his proposal!


Steph said...

I can smell it from here!