Saturday, January 11, 2014

Fairies are always good gifts!

 Three other little Christmas gifts, pottery mushrooms and a pretty little fairy for the garden. 

The Mushroom Fairy

Mushroom, mushroom on the lawn
Why do you exist?
I see you in the Autumn dawn
Bright colors light the mist.

Mushroom, mushroom on the grass
Sweet gathering of friends
How came you to this ring, en masse
That fragrant dew defends.

Mushroom, mushroom in the glen
How suddenly you came
I cannot remember when
This patch looked just the same.

Mushroom, mushroom on the ground
Who sprang from midnight dark
What gateway in your circle bound
Whose pathway do you mark?

Mushroom, mushroom on the skin
Of redwoods proud and tall
What mystery lies there within
Fair messengers of Fall?

Mushroom, mushroom in the yard
With blooming canopy
Are you fairies’ calling card
For all who want to see?

O mushroom stool of gnomish lore
I’m baffled, I admit
I’ll ponder on your magic spore
And marvel where I sit.

Theo J. van Joolen©2011


~~louise~~ said...

Fairies are wonderful gifts! As is this poem. Thank you so much for sharing...

Angela McRae said...

Makes me long for warmer weather so I can go play in the garden again!

Marilyn Miller said...

Yes, I agree! Fairies always are just perfect gifts and you received a nice one.