Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Herbal Dinner - Sinking Spring Herb Farm

Our final dinner together as a group was at Sinking Spring Herb Farm.  Owner Ann Stubbs prepared a great farmhouse kitchen buffet meal for us.  Red Beets flavored and garnished beautifully.
Apple Salad,  Chicken Pot pie, Beans and Sausage, Mashed Sweet Potatoes,  Fresh Watermelon and Pound Cake were all part of the meal.
Nasturtiums were offered as a peppery little nibble as well.
This old country farmhouse had little nooks and crannies filled with treasures and little touches.

Ann is  a dried flower arranger so the house was adorned  with wreaths, mantle pieces and door pieces.
Seating was set up in the main dining area, and her living room.  Ann came through and shared a history of the farm with the group.

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Angela McRae said...

This sounds so lovely! I just love dried flowers but don't see them much anymore. The scent really takes me back in time …