Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Hidden Treasures in Private Gardens, Cape May

Part of our recent Traveling Herb Seminar in Cape May, NJ included a morning tour of some of the environmentally friendly local gardens.  Cape May is a stopping point for many of the Monarch Butterflies as they travel up and down the east coast to Mexico. Therefore, many residents have gardens with butterfly friendly host plants (host plants are for the caterpillars to feed) and nectar plants (for the butterflies to feed on).   
We loved all the cheerful, beachy garden art.
The environmentally friendly gardens give the birds a colorful place to live as well.
This vertical garden was made from a repurposed wooden skid.

This little layered sedum garden (R) on the corner of the brick wall added a section for additional plantings, but doesn't block the driver's view while repurposed pans (L) provide the perfect container for plants.


Marilyn said...

Beautiful! Love the blue "skid". Have never heard it called that. And the bird houses sing to my heart.

relevanttealeaf said...

Informative about the butterflies, and love those birdhouses in the garden.