Sunday, January 4, 2015

Downton Abbey Returns!

Finally! The long wait is over - Downton Abbey returns tonight on PBS! Are you ready?
Do you have a snack tray prepared? or did someone else prepare one for you?

What are you drinking tonight to celebrate the return of this dramatic series? Tea?

Do you see yourself as upstairs or downstairs? Perhaps both!


Marilyn said...

I did enjoy seeing each tea drinking occasion on the show, but didn't sip even a sip of tea as I wanted to sleep.

Angela McRae said...

Love your costumes and the beautiful look of that silver tray of food! I think I most identify with Mrs. Hughes because she is a realist. She respects her employer and has a high standard for her work, yet she's not absolutely smitten with the family as Carson is. I see her as bridging the gap between the old and new eras.