Thursday, January 22, 2015

Meet Molly

Since The Rosemary House opened its doors in 1968 we have been teaching about herbs. Whether it is through our classes or workshops or in our Apprentice Gardener Nights or through our internship programs we consider sharing about herbs and their uses an important part of our work here. We are lucky to welcome Molly Sams from the Essential Herbal this year to The Rosemary House. She is fun, enthusiastic, talented and a joy to be around. We consider ourselves lucky that the Essential Herbal shares her with us! Below is what Molly has written about us!
I have been interning for The Rosemary House for the past few months. Every day is something fun and different. Being able to learn about others’ perspectives and uses of herbs has helped me become a better herbal novice.
Susanna is always encouraging me to learn many aspects of herbs. Whether it is something as detailed and complex as folk medicine or potpourri, Susanna continues to be a phenomenal source of information and encouragement. She is also an endless amount of fun.
High School Intern: Destiny
My coworkers have been an unexpected wealth of information. Last month I had the opportunity to work with Lori. She was able to answer more questions about Hex craft and PA German magic with such detail I could not write my notes down fast enough. Another wonderful person I often work with is a young woman named Destiny. If she and I aren’t singing show tunes or discussing the latest episode of American Horror Story her ideas about herbalism in cooking can always lead to an interesting conversation.
The customers often have interesting ideas about herbalism as well. While some are just beginning to learn about herbs, others are able to offer ideas and advice as they look around or check out.
Her children are always a blast to be around. Cedar can crack me up with his wit and timing and Angelica and I can often be found howling with laughter in the backroom after she gets home from school.
The delicious food is a great perk, too!


Steph said...

Sounds like a great partnership!

Angela McRae said...

I love that younger folks are learning of the wisdom of herbs!