Friday, January 23, 2015

New Book: Through the Seasons

Oh my Goodness, the newest book by The Essential Herbal is amazing. It is 450 large 8 1/2 by 11 pages chock full of herbal information. Incredibly well indexed by topic, authors name, herb, recipe or craft. It is clear this book was a labor of love. Tina Sams, editor of The Essential Herbal Magazine, (and Molly's mom), has pulled together a fabulous compendium of the second five years worth of favorite articles. This is the cream of the crop from 2008-2012, and cream it is! The Essential Herbal draws an interesting array of authors all with unique and first hand experience with herbs. And it shows. It is clear these folks are not just writing about herbs, they are actually working with these amazing plants. If you only have room on your bookshelves or in your budget for just one new herbal this year, I would strongly suggest you consider this book. It has a huge variety of topics from growing herbs, medicinal herbs, culinary herbs, history of herbs, and crafting with herbs. It features basic herbs and unusual (but not obscure) herbs as well. Since it is a compendium of articles, I appreciate the fact that I can pick it up and read an article or two and then easily put it down until the next time.  

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Angela McRae said...

This is going on the wish list, and I'm also sharing your post with an herb-crazy friend!