Monday, February 22, 2016

Macaron - Life's Little Surprises!

StorefrontA couple of weeks ago we were invited to participate in the grand opening of a new shop in Mechanicsburg.  Always willing to support a new business in town, we were happy to contribute to their grand opening swag bag (An English High Tea Party Recipe Booklet) and a fun door prize (The Bride's Herbal)   The new shop is SHEILA FRANK a custom clothing designer.  She will create any special design/gown for you at her new beautiful flag ship store.

Sheila sent us the appropriate Thank-you email, we wished her well and all was good.   And then a few days later we received an overnight air package with six freshly made Macarons. What a lovely surprise! It made our record breaking cold temps bearable!  It came from Macaron Café in NYC with a personalized thank you note from Sheila for taking part in her Grand Opening!

This girl is first-class all the way!  The Macaron had an edible monogram of the Sheila Frank logo!  We had flavors of Pistachio, Dark Chocolate, Caramel Fleur de Sel, Vanilla, Choc-Raspberry.  All favorite flavors for us - although honestly any of the flavors would have been favorites with us - honey lavender, matcha tea, orange blossom. If you are not quite sure what a macaron is and why this was such an exciting treat for us - read our other blog posts on making macarons, and our macaron purchase at Laduree in London.
Best wishes to you Sheila Frank! 


Marilyn Miller said...

Love macarons sooooo much! What a lovely thank you gift.

Steph W said...

Yes, very classy!

Linda Jennings said...

A very thoughtful and delicious thank you. And, it was very nice of you to contribute to the swag bags and door prize drawing!

parTea lady said...

That certainly was a classy thank you gift for your part in the swag bags. I just posted about macarons that hubby brought me from Savannah, GA. They do come in some wonderful flavors.