Tuesday, March 29, 2016

New Apartment - Wish List!

Intern Molly Sams  is moving into her first post-college home. As a guest blogger today, she shares her apartment wish list. It is a great gift giving list for any twenty-something on your list.

1. The Best-Selling Roastmary has to be #1 on the list.
I have started using Roastmary here and there and quickly fell in love. As many of you know, this spice blend is perfect for any meat, veggies, and is even tasty in sauces and pasta. I personally use it in dipping sauce most regularly. It has enough kick that it's delicious with crusty, warm bread. I know I cannot have my first kitchen without it.

While we all have Pinterest, the recipes, plans, and crafts in all the scrapbooks will be unique to the fudge-filled cake or DIY crème brulee we’ve all seen online. There are hundreds of wonderful light and hearty recipes within the scrapbook pages and will help me bring herbie goodness into every facet of my home.
3. Pot Herbs

Pot herbs will be perfect for the soups and stews that I plan on making so I have lunches and dinners made ahead of time. To make sure they do not get too blasé, pot herbs will add some much needed spice and will hopefully inspire me to become more daring in my culinary experimentation.
      4. African Market Baskets (for Central Market)
   I only live a few blocks away from a phenomenal farmer’s market in Lancaster. It has everything from fresh produce to locally butchered meat. I cannot wait to buy all the goodies at market to try out new recipes and dishes. Because I’m sure I will want more than a few radishes here and a jug of milk there I want to get a few market baskets that will help me bring all the deliciousness
      home. The market baskets are super sturdy and easy to carry since they have leather handles.

I only have carpeting in the upstairs bedrooms but I want to make sure when I move in that I start with a fresh slate. The house we rent was built before the 1970s and I’m sure the floors can talk. So to give them new life I’m going to vacuum them with carpet stuff (lavender, of course) so they stay fresh even after move in day.

6.   Blue Lady and French Caramel Flavored Teas

I fell in love with the French Caramel black tea from just the scent of it before I ever tasted it. It is a great tea to mix with as it is a good base tea that does not overpower the other flavors and it, of course, smells amazing. Blue lady is a nice delicate black tea that I love and cannot wait to wake up to a tea of that on Saturday and Sunday mornings as opposed to my regular black coffee.

7.  Garlic and Chive Brew Bread

The brew breads are really simple to make and perfect for when my house warming party or when I need fresh bread to go with my perfectly seasoned stew for lunch. I unfortunately have a serious addiction to bread but I think if I can convert my taste buds to Garlic and Chive Brew Bread I think I can cut down on my bread intake and enjoy the slices I create even more.

     8. Potpourri

I’ve noticed that potpourri has been making a bit of a comeback in the herb world. Luckily for me, The Rosemary House has some adorable mixes full of color and scent that I know will be the envy of many of my friends. Now if I can just find a good basket to put it in…

     9. Spices (all of them!)
Along with the pot herbs and brew bread I cannot wait to try my hand at spicing my own dishes. I have worked with my mother at The Essential Herbal Magazine along with Susanna and I have seen what amazing meals you can create with spices. While I’m sure I’ll end up running through Susanna’s spice drawers like some sort of spice hoarding troll I cannot wait to work with Ceylon cinnamon and turmeric.

    10. Plants (all the plants! For the container garden)

Speaking of a hoarding troll, this will be the first garden that is just mine and I am so excited to put a bunch of herbs all around my little plot of land. Unfortunately I am not allowed to plant in the yard but it does mean I can hew my container garden skills (or complete lack thereof). With plenty of lavender, rosemary, parsley and whatever else I can get my hands on I am excited to begin my own herbal collection.

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Marilyn Miller said...

I think she can probably find them all right there with you. Lucky girl! She knows what she wants and loves already!