Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The Royal Touch

This beautiful hardcover cookbook (a souvenir from our journey to England last summer) features Simply Stunning Home Cooking from a Former Royal Chef. Written by Carolyn Robb, a former personal chef to TRH The Prince and Princess of Wales and TRH Prince William and Prince Harry and published in 2015, it is a glorious compilation of foods and delicacies fit for a king, but with easy to follow instructions you'll be eager to prepare and serve to family and friends. 

The photography is stunning throughout the entire book. Hard not to drool over each colorful picture. The presentation is exceptional, as one would expect for a royal household. Each chapter has enticing photographs of recipes featured in the chapter. From Magnificent Morsels, through Beautiful Beginnings, Little Bites, and Sweet Temptations, there's something here sure to please everyone.

Tucked here and there throughout the book are sweet little sketches, some depicting fresh herbs, others feature the British flag. Little bits of royal memorabilia are also included, a Christmas card from Diana with her two sons, or a hand written note from Charles. It's a little scrapbook tucked within the pages of a cookbook. What a fun book! It is available through Amazon in case you're wondering, and slightly used copies are available at a reasonable price.


Linda @ Friendship Tea said...

Thant looks like a book I "need" to buy.

Marilyn Miller said...

It looks like a good one.