Monday, November 28, 2016

Dip Tree Ornament

These clever 'Dip Tree' ornaments are a perfect easy to 'make ahead' gift. They can be used as favors at a party, stocking stuffers, gift tie-ons, or thoughtful gifts for the neighbors. Supplies needed include clear cone shaped cake decorating bags, herbs and seasonings, a cinnamon stick for the tree trunk, some thin colorful glitzy ribbon and of course star anise for the top of the tree.

First, holding the bag upside down, fill it with the dried herbs. We started with one teaspoon of celery seed in the tip of the bag, one teaspoon each of garlic powder and onion powder for the middle layer with a little bit of dried red tomato for added color and one teaspoon each of Basil, Thyme and Parsley leaf for the largest bottom layer of the tree.

Next we poked the cinnamon stick tree trunk into the bottom layer of herbs, and secured it tightly with ribbon. Note; depending upon the size cake decorating bags you are working with you might need to cut it shorter.

Finally, we hot-glued the Star anise to the top of the ornament. If you are using these as ornaments, loop a thin piece of glitzy gold ribbon and attach it underneath the star anise with glue. Tie a perky bow at the base along with a label listing ingredients and the instructions to prepare the dip.

Attach an instruction card: 
Combine 1 C Mayonnaise and 1 C Sour cream. Add the contents of the dip tree.
Stir and chill overnight. Serve with veggies or chips.

These were easy to make, and are certainly festive and fun!

(This blog post is a reprise of a post from December 2007, edited slightly.)


Valerie Zagami said...

What a great gift idea. Thanks you guys..

Marilyn Miller said...

Very clever idea!