Sunday, February 12, 2017

Ocean Haven - Tea, Tour, and Talk

Our next adventure took us to the home of Denise and Paul Worrell, owners of Naturally Bahamian for a Tea, Talk, and Tour at Ocean Haven. Their home is named Ocean Haven because of its proximity to the ocean and because they consider it a haven to anyone who comes. They practice a sustainable way of life, and with a 365 day growing season, the garden is abundant with medicinal plants and fruit bearing trees. Sadly, the devastation from  Hurricane Mathew in 2016 took down a large majority of trees. At one time, the house was not visible due to the abundant growth of trees. Slowly the trees are sending out new growth.

Paul shared an enormous amount of information as he guided us through their property promoting age old traditions that pertain to the Bahamian flora. The bougainvillea bush is the best natural security guard with its prickly spikes. The flowering jasmine. blooms at night and perfumes the air. The gumelemi tree is a good incense, an antidote for poison ivy, helps to build blood for the pregnant mother, and the leaves are used in tea. Here Paul is showing the Pride of Barbados, a heat loving plant whose species name means 'very pretty'.
Our group gathered around and listened to all the information he shared, knowledge handed down to him from his father. Papaya plants grow like weeds and will bear fruit within a year. It is said to be good for high blood pressure. While the coconut tree is an import to the Bahamas.
Guava is high in Vitamin C and antioxidants. It'll be the next miracle plant! Paul cautioned to harvest sustainably, only harvesting a maximum of one fourth of the plant.


 Aquaponics Unit

Harvesting turmeric

The aquaponics unit is self sustaining with natural gravel filters. Everything is grown in fresh water and there are no artificial insecticides.
Spanish Thyme

Ducks, chickens, and goats round out their endeavors. Trips to the grocery store are far and few between.

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Marilyn Miller said...

How fascinating. He looks like he has quite a production. Did Susanna go on this trip too? I would think she would have enjoyed this stop.