Thursday, February 9, 2017

Private Evening Tea, Nassau, Bahamas

The traveling group of Mid-Atlantic Tea Business Association members were graciously welcomed to a private Bahamian home for an early evening tea. We were ushered to the backyard patio of  Evie Rolle's stately home where tables and chairs were set up for a welcoming Sun, Sand and Sea island beach themed tea.

A lot of time and effort was obviously put into this special evening, and not a single detail was forgotten, including island breezes. The activities for the evening were printed on beach themed paper, gold boxes with island seashells were made as favors, and the evening began with introductions. Although this was at Evie's home, it was the combined efforts of several long time friends, and the bond of friendship was extended to our group. Denise (L) was the coordinator for our activities on the island, and she enlisted Evie (R) to host this event. 
Iced beverages offered included Serenity, Virility, or Passion fruit lemonade. The first course started with Conch Fritters served with a French-type dipping sauce. They were fresh, warm, and tasty. A true island treat!
Conch Fritters

The second course featured individually plated Chicken Salad and Bahamian Macaroni and Cheese. The chicken salad was very flavorful loaded with shredded chicken and hints of pimiento, onion, and celery. Bahamian macaroni and cheese is not like the American version. It is baked using a large flat noodle, and very thick almost resembling a lasagna. It is a true Bahamian 'must have' experience. 

Then, a buffet table suddenly appeared. It was laden with an amazing variety of homemade treats. Pimiento Cheese sandwiches, Corn bread served with assorted jellies, and moist Rum cakes (another Bahamian specialty!).

And if that wasn't enough, there was also Tuna Sandwiches, Carrot Cake, and Coconut or pineapple tarts.

And then, Guava Duff was served! This traditional Bahamian dessert is reserved for special occasions. A delicious combination of guava fruit rolled up in a sweet dough and served with a rum flavored sweet cream, it was a real treat.

Throughout the evening we played games, there was a Bahamian quiz with prizes, and storytelling sessions. The island has a rich history of story telling, and we enjoyed several. Hot tea was shared at the end of the meal. And Ring Play concluded the evening, which got everyone up out of their seat and moving around.

We arrived as strangers, were welcomed graciously to Evie's home, we laughed and shared stories, and left as friends. What a memorable evening. And a true tribute to friendship.


Linda Jennings said...

What a fun tea adventure!

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

Catching up on your trip Rosemary and think this evening would have been fun. That sure wasn't your typical mac and cheese but I would have loved to try all these new foods too.
I didn't realize this was a tea business trip, anything gleaned to add to your tea room?

Angela McRae said...

My goodness, what a teatime to remember! The food sounds like a fun and delicious change!

Marilyn Miller said...

I love that you left as friends. That is just the way it should be. What a wonderful menu. The macaroni and cheese looks intriguing. Oh I would have loved sitting and playing here.