Friday, March 24, 2017

Lychee Tea - Chinese Black Tea

This Lychee Black Tea packaged in a decorative tin was hand carried from China by the beau of our North Carolina niece and gifted to Nancy at Christmas. An informative paper provided by the tea purveyor he visited included information about a variety of teas that are available for purchase. Lychee, native to Asia, is a small, round, and sweet juicy fruit grown in the tropical area of China. The translucent white pulp of the fruit yields a delicate floral and fruity flavor combination in both fragrance and taste. The tea may be flavored with the lychee peels and/or blossoms, or with a lychee powder.
The sweet fragrance, often described as grape-like, is noted immediately upon opening the tin and permeates the air. This side by side comparison of the wet (R) and dry (L) leaf shows the tea leaves after a 4 minute steeping. Tea leaves typically triple in size when steeping, which is one of the reasons it's best to steep the leaves loose in the pot to allow for maximum expansion, thus releasing the full flavor intensity and benefits of the tea.

The tea yields a beautiful fragrant copper colored brew (L) as compared with the darker shade of an Assam shown on the right. The sweet floral flavor is definitely pronounced in the cup, with a slight lingering taste after drinking the tea. According to the paper, lychee tea is supposed to be beneficial for the skin.

Many thanks to Dan and Jessica for the thoughtful gift!

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Marilyn Miller said...

It does sounds delicious! What a thoughtful gift.