Friday, March 10, 2017

The Tea Pot Totem in the Snow

The Winter of 2016/2017 in Pennsylvania has been kind to us. Although there have been some bouts of very cold weather, the majority of snow storms missed us this year. Here we are, marching into spring, and an overnight storm has descended upon the area with threats of another storm next week. A one-two punch after a relatively snow-free winter. 
This storm isn't really a punch though, the big fluffy flakes are coating the trees, bushes, and the tea pot totem, but sidewalks and roads are simply wet. No shoveling. No school delays. It's really a win-win with beautiful snow to look at and no hassle involved. The location of our retired (meaning chipped or handle-less) tea pots has transitioned over the years. Originally, they were supported on a pussy willow tree that sadly succumbed to a summer storm. We retrieved all the tea pots, and moved them to the wooden arbor that joins the Rosemary House gardens and Sweet Remembrances gardens. It was a process that included the voluntary help of some of the neighborhood kids. 
Late this summer, a situation arose (Susanna will happily tell you about it if you ask) that opened up a new location for the tea pots. Over several weeks, we moved the tea pots from the arbor to our newly found totem. The teapots make a much better statement on the Tea Pot Totem then they ever did on the trellis. We still miss the pussy willow tree, though. 


Marilyn Miller said...

I do like your teapot totem.

Rosemary said...

Angela McRae wrote: "A situation arose…" Well, now, if there's not a story there, I'll eat my hat! ;) Your snow is just beautiful, and it sounds as though you're rightly grateful that it's decorative and not dangerous. Good for you! (Still jealous of anyone who has actually seen a snowflake this winter. Sigh.)

Steph said...

Clever, clever!!