Sunday, April 15, 2018

Bedouin Tea

Our sister and brother-in-law journeyed to the Middle East this past February for an adventure of a lifetime. The Holy Lands beckoned them, and they went as part of their on-going 50th Anniversary celebrations, experiencing camel rides, the pyramids, and desert adventures. Periodically, photos were sent long distance, both to share the experience and to allay concerns while they traveled to such a foreign land. 
One such adventure included taking tea in a Bedouin tent. These nomadic people, known for their hospitality, delight in making and drinking tea over an open fire in the desert. Shown here, Carrie and Phil are enjoying Bedouin Tea in Wadi Rum in Jordan. 

Prepared in a metal kettle over an open fire, a variety of indigenous herbs and spices are tossed into the kettle to boil and brew before serving. How lucky to be gifted with a container of Bedouin tea from one of the fabulous markets they visited. Slivers of Lemon Grass, large sections of cinnamon bark, chunks of ginger root, cloves, and beautiful whole pieces of Star Anise coupled with green cardamon pods, create a delicious fragrant pot pourri of herbs and spices harvested from the desert.

This chilly April day, feeling more like winter than spring, inspired me to brew a batch of the tea, on the cook top, not over an open fire alas. Tossing a handful of the herbs and spices into the pot, I boiled it for about 15 minutes to release the essential oils. The fragrance permeated the air. The warm spicy brew was comforting and flavorful - a delicious lemon flavored spiced herbal tea. The lemon grass was predominate and the spices lingering in taste. Perfect!

Special thanks to Carrie and Phil for sharing their adventure!

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Marilyn Miller said...

What an amazing adventure. Jim and I had planned to go to Jordan several years ago and then it was canceled because of the unrest. The one thing I was most disappointed was exactly this tea in the desert with a Bedouin tribe. Oh how I would still love to go.