Thursday, August 11, 2016

Soundings - Music of Our Lands and Our Lives

The 17th International Handbell Symposium  was held at the Vancouver Convention Centre, and was the impetus for our trip. Angelica and the local church bell choir participated in this event, traveling to Vancouver a week before we arrived. They practiced daily, attended special classes and workshops and practiced as a large group of massed ringers. The final day of the symposium featured a concert with over 800 ringers from around the world and over 3,500 hand bells and chimes. It was a wonderful concert with directors and participants featuring music from more than 8 countries.
Convention Centre

Most handbells are made in PA

The first International Handbell Symposium was held in 1984 in California, and has been held every two years since then. It encourages a spirit of world peace through music, positively promotes handbells as art, and creates an atmosphere of communication and friendship between nations. Visit their Facebook page for a few recordings or check out this informative Vancouver Sun article.

The event concluded with a Gala Dinner. After the dinner, the bell was symbolically passed to the Handbell Society of Australasia for the next symposium to be held in Australia.

Roasted Tomato Tart with Peppery Greens
Artisan baked rolls
Espresso tiramisu with Italian mascarpone
Vegetarian Entree: mushrooms, broccolini, curried lentils


Lemon Verbena Lady said...

What a lovely event and gala! Thanks for sharing the adventures of the multi talented Angelica!

Marilyn Miller said...

Will you be going to Australia in two years. This sounds like such a special time for everyone, but especially for Angelica.