Monday, May 1, 2023

Happy May Day!

 Once the coveted gift of a secret admirer, May baskets seem to have gone out of style. Alas, we live in a harried time and a pretty basket of flowers found on our doorstep would indeed be a surprise. In a less stressful era, weaving tiny baskets and gathering mosses to line them were another sure sign of spring. Forget-me-knots, violets, primroses and pretty little wild flowers nestled in the moss were a sentimental offering. Excerpt from Mrs. Reppert's TwelveMonth Herbal, 1996, Remembrance Press

These sweet little May Day baskets filled with colorful fresh spring blossoms have adorned our door knobs over the years. Whether you use a hand crafted birch bark basket, or a cheerful wicker basket, the joy you share with a friend on May Day is certain to be memorable. May Day celebrations are held all around the world. One enchanting little tradition involves secretly putting a pretty bouquet of fresh spring flowers on your neighbor's doorknob. If they discover you doing this, they must give you a kiss! What a sweet little tradition! This lovely little nosegay includes smiling pansies, sweet lily-of-the-valley, a petite spring tulip, and lovage greens. This delicate little bouquet is in an embroidered hankie that has been folded and neatly pressed into a cone. A satin ribbon, with two bows is attached to the hankie in order to hang it on the door.

Happy May Day!


Mama said...

I absolutely LOVE this expression of kindness!! As a child I would pick wild violets and give these tiny bouquets to my mother and grandmother on May Day. Thanks for the idea of sharing May Day bouquets with neighbors!

Bernideen said...

These sure cause of to miss some of the old customs. They are lovely!

Marilyn Miller said...

I adore May baskets and you have some sweet ones.
It is an absolutely special day for me, as both my children were born on May 1st.