Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Passport to Egypt Afternoon Tea

We recently 'traveled' to Egypt via an Afternoon Tea prepared by Guest Chef Faith Cohick. We are grateful that Faith takes us around the world with her culinary creations. The first course featured a Confetti Couscous Salad, not only colorful but flavorful, there was a burst of flavors to start our 'journey'.

The sandwich featured a wide assortment of bite size tea sandwiches, including a Curried Chicken Salad triangle on white bread, a Cucumber mummy with roasted red pepper spread on sourdough bread, radish and sweet pepper round on white bread, a warm cheesy mushroom swirl, egg salad on white bread with an adorable pumpernickel camel cutout, and an Egyptian Feta spread with balsamic drizzled tomatoes on a pita wedge. Tucked in the center was a warm turmeric honey chicken bite.

Cardamom, date and butterscotch scone was served with Faith's sweet cream and fig preserves alongside a very moist sour cream banana bread.

The dessert trio included a camel cut out sugar cookie, a brownie bite with peanut butter mousse with the Egyptian flag, and a creamy baklava tart. All very tasty! Special thanks to Faith for her specialty teas. And additional thanks to Ayla Bell for sharing her photo albums and adventures while traveling in Egypt.


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Marilyn Miller said...

I love the theme and just know everything would be delicious!