Sunday, December 16, 2007

Herbs in the Advent Wreath

As we light the third advent candle on this rainy/icy Sunday I thought I would mention some of the herbs we've added to the Advent Wreath
Thyme - is allegedly one of the herbs of the manger along with pennyroyal and bedstraw. All three of these herbs are both soft to lay a baby on and also flea repelling herbs.
Rosemary - while not mentioned in the Bible, it is said that Mary lay her coat on a white flowering Rosemary during her trek to Bethlehem. Ever since that time Rosemary has had blue flowers
Sage - The beautiful silvery foliage of sage is delicious in poultry stuffing but also Moses was directed to make the gold menorah based on the growth habit of Salvia.
Bay Laurel - Native to the Holy Land, it spreads into thickets, used throughout the Greek and Roman period as a sign of nobility and honor. King David says in Psalms "I have seen the wicked in great power and spreading himself like a green bay tree."

While there are many other herbs and plants of the Bible, these are a few that are available in our garden now and that are relevant specifically to the advent season.

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