Thursday, May 22, 2008

Garden Party - the menu

As part of our ongoing 40th Anniversary celebration for The Rosemary House, we featured a Garden Party this past weekend. Sandwiched between two rainy dreary days was a perfectly delightful Saturday, providing a respite from the rains, lush gardens, and a wonderful gathering of family and friends; complete with a champagne toast at noon.

Garden Party Menu
Strawberries with Mascarpone Cheese
Minted Pineapple
Hot Ice Box Pickles
French Style Cheese Spread & Crackers
Basil Pesto Cheese Spread
Savory Feta Cheese & Olive Spread
Herbed Vegetable Bars
Burnet & Chives Sandwiches
Tomato Basil Rounds with Basil Butter
Peach & Brie on French Baguette
Lavender Egg Salad
Orange Basil Cookies
Chocolate Nut Cracker Cookies
Rosemary Lemon Verbena Decorated Cake
Rosemary Lemonade


lemonverbenalady said...

Again, you Rosemarys enjoy life and wonderful herbal food. Rosemary lemon verbena cake need I say more! Yummy!

Martha said...

Happy Anniversary! What a lovely celebration. Your table looks so inviting. I was thrilled to find several of the recipes you chose are in your cookbook. I will be trying some of them after seeing the pictures.

Valerie Zagami said...

A very Happy Anniversary to the Rosemary House and the Reppert family. Again I look at you photos and drool at the assortment and presentation of the food and the lovliness and joy of the gardens. Thank you for sharing your special times. Valerie

Linda said...

Oh my! You certainly have been busy! Congratulations to the Reppert Family on this special anniversary!

Anonymous said...

Dear Nancy and Susanna,

Congratulations and Happy Anniversary.

Your table is absolutley beautiful and a delight for the eyes. I wish I could be there to sample the bounty. May you enjoy many more successful years delighting your guests with your wonderful creative style.

All my best wishes to you,

Mary Jane
The Amherst Rose

Firefly Nights said...

What a lovely spread. Wish I could have been there. 40th Anniversary. Wow!