Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Mortar and Pestle Collection

Collections, collections, collections! We have many of them. Most of them started by our mother Bertha Reppert. The Mortar and Pestle collection is one of the heaviest collections we have. The Mortar is the bowl in which herbs, spices, medicines, etc. are pulverized to the desired consistency. The Pestle is the tool used to pound or grind the herbs in the mortar. All the ones pictured above are either brass or cast iron. All used to grind herbs to use for medicine or cooking. These three are quite large. Huge really. The picture doesn't accurately display their size. Samples of the glass ones.
Ceramic and even stone mortar and pestles, some collected internationally from Mexico and Spain.
Not to mention wood. Olive wood and others. Christmas time almost guaranteed a new Mortar and Pestle would be under the tree to add to the collection.


Linda Jennings said...

This is a collection of mortar and pestles to treasure!

Steph said...

Very cool!!!!

Marilyn Miller said...

I love the mortar & pestle collection. How special that it started with your mom.