Monday, December 8, 2008

Retired Holiday Teacups

This pretty little collection of Christmas teacups is on display in the tea room. Sadly, they are either chipped, cracked or badly stained and have been resigned to mere adornment for the season. Retired.... lucky cups.


La Tea Dah said...

Retired teacups are still beautiful and precious --- I like what you have done to yours. They are pretty on the display rack.

Sometimes mine become planters, or a container for silk flowers or a candle. They are, oh so difficult, to throw away. It's nice to find other purposes for the beautiful porcelain!

Enjoy a lovely day! We are headed to our woods for a Christmas tree.

:) LaTeaDah

Marilyn Miller said...

The retired teacups are definitely still pretty. I have seen retired cup placed in a green wreath, very pretty too.

Alice said...

What a great way to still use your retired tea cups!

Linda said...

This is a very nice way of displaying retired holiday teacups!

Steph said...

They look like they were meant to be a group!