Thursday, December 18, 2008

Mortar and Pestles - Start your own collection

This is a sampling of the mortar and pestles that are readily available today. You can purchase them from The Rosemary House and begin your collection. These are ceramic. The most practical one would be the medium size pictured above. The small one pictured above and the one pictured below are very good for crushing seeds, aspirin, pills to feed your animals. We like the ceramic mortar and pestles because they are very easy to clean.
The wooden and marble ones below are also available in our shop. Although they are not listed on the website, contact us if you are interested in additional information about them. Marble is also easy to clean and it is a very heavy mortar and pestle. (The cat won't knock this one off the counter). Wooden mortar and pestles tend to absorb odors so they aren't our favorites -- particularly if you are crushing strong smelling herbs such as garlic or cumin.

If you intend to crush garlic, it is suggested you dedicate one Mortar and Pestle specifically for garlic.


Alice said...

I don't have even one mortar and pestle! I've always wanted one though. I wonder if it is too late to ask Santa.

Melissa's Cozy Teacup said...

Thanks for stopping by and for the comment. So cool to hear a personal experience about the tea set. I have two mortars and pestles. My sister gave me an antique one but since I don't know what was crushed in it, I'm leery about using it.