Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Living Wreath Workshop

It is easy to make your own living wreath. We used a wire box wreath form available at most craft supply stores. First spread out a layer of sheet moss place the box wreath form onto the moss and fill the form with organic garden soil. Gently wrap the moss around the soil to hold it in place and tie with some thread or pieces of wire. We prefer to use fresh sheet moss that you should be able to purchase from a florist. You can also use dry sheet moss from the craft supply stores as well. Next take a barbecue skewer or a chop stick or a fondue fork and poke a hole in the sheet moss and work in the small roots of a variety of echevaria (hens and chicks). We also poked in a piece or two of sedums. Place your wreath on a plastic tray and use it for decoration in a sunny spot in the garden. Perfect for on the picnic table. It will overwinter well outside.


Martha said...

We love living wreaths -- yours is very pretty. I usually make an herb one but this year tried one with succulents. Has lasted all summer! (The herb ones usually succumb to August heat)

They really look great on the garden gate!

parTea lady said...

That is a really pretty wreath. I've always liked hens and chicks and sedum.