Sunday, August 9, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Yep, that's right, Smokey The Bear turns 65 years old today! Let's celebrate with him, and promise not to start any reckless fires. Remember, only You can prevent forest fires! You can visit his site, and sign the official promise too. There's a fun time-line that shows how Smokey has developed and changed over the past 65 years.Alas, I can't remember when Smokey the Bear joined our family (the 50's to be sure), but I do know that he was (is) well loved. He used to have a hat, badge, and boots, but they didn't survive the childhood years. He now proudly sits on an old trunk, joined by other retired stuffed animals. Instead of his hat and boots, he sports a collection of chocolate related buttons.... like no body knows the truffles I've seen and promise me anything but give me chocolate... okay... I love chocolate, and I think Smokey the Bear does too. We have a connection that way. Might just have some chocolate to celebrate our day Smokey!

Happy Birthday!


Marilyn Miller said...

Happy Birthday to another one in your family! Hope you had a very good one.

Bernideen said...

How darling he is!

Linda J. said...

Happy Birthday Smokey! You clever gals... this was not the birthday post I expected to see when I saw this headline on my favorites list! Also, happy birthday to the best London roommate ever!

Stacy said...

Thanks for your post about Smokey's birthday! I thought you might be interested in sharing this e-card with your readers where they can encourage their family and friends to "get their smokey on" with tips to prevent wildfires:

Here's a widget you can embed on your blog that celebrates Smokey's 65 years of hard work with a quiz on pop culture facts. It includes a link to the e-card at the end:

We're also celebrating Smokey on Facebook and polling people on their favorite Smokey PSA. To see all of Smokey's work and cast your vote, go here:

Thanks so much for your help in celebrating this great milestone!


Stacy Cohen
Home Front Communications for the Ad Council

~Follow @Smokey_Bear on Twitter!

Lady Donna & Miss Spenser said...

He's so cute...I always wanted one of those when I was little...but never got one!