Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Bachelor Cozy

This cozy is referred to as the Bachelor Cozy. Unlike the tent cozy, this one wraps around the cozy, is secured at the top with a ribbon and snuggles the pot leaving both the handle and spout exposed. No need to keep removing the cozy to pour your next cup. And, the handle does not heat up as it does with the tent style cozy. I'm not exactly sure what the reference to Bachelor is about... the laziness of not needing to remove the cozy or perhaps that this type of cozy will snuggle most any size or shape pot? You decide!


Marilyn Miller said...

My Marmalady's cozy is like this. I hadn't ever heard it called a Bachelor Cozy. Now I like this style of cozy when I am serving alot of people and the tent cozy when I am enjoying a small pot of tea just for myself.

parTea lady said...

Those are such pretty cozies - love the pink cupcake fabric.