Thursday, March 11, 2010

Pansies ~ for thoughts

Pansies love the cold weather so this break in the weather allowed us to get out and plant some cheery pansies in some of our pots. As the temps get warmer and warmer these little flowers will get smaller and we will over plant them with some different summer annuals.

The Pansy is a beautiful variety of the violet. It differs from the violet in its diversity of colors and its fragrance is inferior to the violet. The French call it Pensee "a thought" from the phrase Pensez-a-moi or think of me. Our English pronunciation is a version of Pensee. "There are pansies," says Ophelia "that's for thoughts."~Shakespeare. Sometimes called Heart's Ease with the thought that those we love are not unmindful of us when we are absent.

Pansies are also an edible flower and can be crystallized preserved to use to decorate a cake.


parTea lady said...

Those pansies look so pretty in the white pots. One day I'd like to taste a crystallized pansy.

Marilyn said...

I do love pansies in the winter garden. I have a pot of violets that come up every year in the spring. I am hoping they are blooming at Easter; so I can use them to decorate tea sandwiches.

La Tea Dah said...

The sweetest of posts --- I love all the pansies in such darling containers.