Thursday, March 18, 2010

Tag! We're it!

Photo Tag.... we've been tagged by PeggyR... the object of this game is to share the 10th picture in a series of photos. I had to go back several series until I found a grouping of more than ten pictures...(I have a heavy hand when it comes to deleting pictures!) anyway, that took us back to Hawaii-50. And that's what this picture is... it elicits fond memories of a beautiful family vacation on the Big Island, but we're simply Hawaii dreamin' now.
If we play by the rules, at this point we're supposed to tag five other bloggers, but rather than specifically tag our blogger friends, I'm going to send out a 'blanket tag', and if you want to play, join in! Leave a comment on this post, and let us know you joined in the fun. I'll be sure to check out your photo! Post the 10th picture in a series, and share it with the blogging world. If you want to play the traditional game, tag 5 additional bloggers and be sure to share the instructions.

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