Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Highlawn Bed and Breakfast

 The Highlawn Bed and Breakfast in Berkeley Springs, WV was the second night of our B & B getaway. A very Victorian style Bed and Breakfast, Highlawn spoke of its herb garden, so that was how we selected the Highlawn! 
 This was the little garden on the porch which was conveniently located just outside the kitchen door within easy reach of the chef.   All the breakfast courses included fresh herbs and edible flowers.

This planter of 3 different basils also had a "Bloody Dock" plant.  Most docks, like yellow dock or burdock are such an invasive weed, I have been afraid to try the bloody dock.  But Sandy, the owner of Highlawn loves it in salads and she served it with our egg dish.  David and I both agreed it is a tasty green, not sweet but not bitter either and such interesting foliage.

 The first course of breakfast.  Fresh fruit, yogurt, pineapple juice and apple crumb bundt cake.


Steph said...

Beautiful! Those blackberries are making my mouth water.

Marilyn said...

The breakfast looks totally delicious. How I love it when fresh herbs are included in a menu.

Linda J. said...

Another fun B & B. Sorry, I missed meeting you while we were in PA, but I'm glad you were able to take a little time off. Also, thanks to Angelica for making AJ's visit to Hershey Park extra special.

Cristeen said...

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Angela McRae said...

Those herbs look so perky! Mine are a little peaked looking here in Georgia these days.