Thursday, July 5, 2012

Trader Blanket

Based on the trade blanket of the Fur Trappers, the trading blanket was part of the early evening entertainment at camp.   The person who is trading would put their item in the center of the blanket,  and anyone who wanted that item would set out their trade items around the edge of the blanket. 

The person then had the opportunity to chose a trade from those items, or ask for someone to "sweeten the pot" and add something else.  Once the deal was struck you would shake hands and state "good trade".  There was also opportunity to create side trades of the blanket as well.  If you were low on trade items "Frog skins" were also acceptable to use.  Frog skins are green rectangular pieces of paper that have various US presidents featured on them....   Be warned though,  as it got to be dusk, and harder to see, you would need to be careful at the trade blanket and make sure the item was the quality you thought it to be for once you shook hands the deal is sealed.

We traded our Roastmary seasoning (delicious on all meats, including game), DIY Elderberry Syrup to keep healthy, Tobacco plants and White Sage plants for ceremonial purposes.  Some of the items we got in return were: a Mora knife for Cedar,  hand knit fingerless gloves for Angelica, a bottle of honey mead for David, and a shaman style nature print for Susanna.


La Tea Dah said...

Primitive camp looks very interesting and fun! I especially love the yucca rope-making. I'm wondering the general location of the event? In the southwest?

Bernideen said...

How amazing! I love this ancient tradition.

Also, thank you for not having 1000 ads on your blog.