Sunday, July 15, 2012

New York Faerie Festival

One of our vacation destinations included a stop at the New York Faerie Festival located in Harpursville, NY, just across the PA/NY border.  This festival venue, in rural New York, is tucked in among the rolling hills and hollows along a trickling spring.  As their website announces, it provides an escape from ordinary reality into magical play. 

Our group of teenagers and budding teenagers weren't quite ready to make that transformation, but the rest of us enjoyed the magic!
One of the first vendors we spotted was this booth featuring herbal teas, artfully blended and available for sampling, Herbal Turtle Teas.

Fairies, wizards, unique creatures could be found at every turn.
The Enchanted Wagon consisted of a slowly lumbering turtle with a gypsy wagon on its back.  Every inch of the wagon had something fun to discover.  Puppets, windows, secret doors, all captured your attention.  Asking questions elicited a response from the gypsy within.  Simply, Fun!
The Bridge Trolls (Martin & Carl Bridge and tribe) captured the attention of the youngest in our group.  Kindred spirits?  Perhaps.  He looks at ease with them now, but at first there was a bit of trepidation.  Once he successfully played 'Whack a Troll', he magically transformed into one of them.

Our day ended much too quickly.  Heading to our next destination, leaving the magic and returning to ordinary reality.


Carla said...

That looks like so much fun. I love the turtle wagon. OH growing old can be so much fun if you keep your youth!

Anonymous said...

Oh my, this DOES look like so much fun! I believe in fairies!! :-)

Carol said...

Oh how fun!!!

Marilyn said...

I would have loved the frivolity here, especially the turtle.

Steph said...

So fun!

Bernideen said...

I love it all - except the trolls - ha!