Friday, August 23, 2013

Afternoon Tea in Madrid, Spain

We did it!  After extensive internet research, we found a tea room in Madrid and discovered its location in the city. Conveniently, it fit into our day of adventure in the capital city!  How exciting to enjoy the opportunity to take tea in Madrid.  Sedelu, Salon de Te is located on Calle Santiago, 20, just down the street from the Mercado de San Miguel.

The hazy gray sky and occasional sprinkles did not deter us from dining al fresco as we ordered a few pastries and a variety of teas from the extensive tea menu.

Davis and Susanna enjoyed two different tarts (one lemon, the other pumpkin) and herbal tea, Fruits of the Woods.  Angelica ordered a ham and cheese sandwich.  While Tracey selected chocolate cookies.  All options selected were shared, savored and enjoyed.

Their specialty tea is the Sedelu Tea with Pine nuts.  Described as having exuberant flavor, it is a green Gunpowder tea with toasted pine nuts.  The pine nuts were served in the tea cup. Fun!

Thank you Sedelu, Salon de Te!  We enjoyed our morning respite at your tea shop.

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Marilyn said...

What a treat! Loved that you had a tea experience in Spain. The pine nuts sound intriguing in the tea.