Thursday, August 8, 2013

Ellen Sall - Finders Keepers

The Philadelphia International Airport provides the opportunity for a variety of local artists to share their creativity through rotating art exhibitions that change throughout the year.  In an ongoing effort to introduce a variety of cultural and educational experiences to the many travelers that pass through the airport, many unique displays can be discovered here.  One of the featured artists this summer is Ellen Sall, a Philadelphia resident that combines her passions for collecting junk into an expressive art form, creating clever totems and lamp posts. A member of Dumpster Divers of Philadelphia, Ellen gives new life to once loved but now discarded items.  Her creativity captured my eye as she incorporated teacups, pots, and such into her unique assemblages.



Angela McRae said...

Oh my, these are amazing! I think I would have stopped to photograph these too!

Marilyn said...

Love this art! How creative!

Dr. Rita Benasutti said...

Ellen is a creative genious! So talented! Thank you.