Saturday, August 3, 2013

Gourd Baskets

One of the crafts we created at our Primitive Skills camp this year was gourd baskets.   We started with gourds, which we had to take to the creek to wash with leaves and gravel (we got nylon scrubbers also) and then we had to cut/saw the top of the gourd as best we could with a knife.   Which then lead to the removal of the seeds and intensive scraping and cleaning of the inside of the gourd.
 Following that, we poked holes in the edge of the gourd so we could string on the decorated pine needles or sea grass and attach a pretty bead. 


Bernideen said...

Those look very "American Indian" looking. I made your typical birdhouse out of mine!

Marilyn said...

Beautiful baskets.

Angela McRae said...

Oh, I LOVE these! I can just see a nice display of these at a fall festival!