Saturday, February 28, 2015

Book Review: Botany in a Day

This book has been around for a while but I was lucky enough to get my own copy recently. Author Thomas J. Epel has a terrific way of breaking down botany to a very readable and easy to understand level. He breaks it down in a logical way -- in fact he even has a section titled "Start here" just in case you are tempted to begin in the middle. I love the line drawings that are all through the book as they are perfect illustrations for what is being taught.  

This book goes beyond a standard field guide in that it thoroughly explains the patterns of the plants.  It includes more than 100 plant families and 700 genera including edible and medicinal herbs.   I am finding this book very very useful  but I can't say I learned it in one day!


Marilyn said...

Edible and medicinal herbs would definitely be a good reference book.

Angela McRae said...

Thank you for this review, as this sounds like a book I would very much enjoy. I am a bit overwhelmed by all there is to learn about plants, so something that says "start here" would be right up my alley!