Monday, February 9, 2015

Bosie Tea Parlor, NYC

Situated in the West Village around the corner from bustling Bleeker Street is Bosie Tea Parlor at 10 Morton Street. This cozy tea parlor (café & wine bar) was established in 2010, and offers lunch, dinner, Afternoon Tea, and weekend brunch. When we arrived, the tea room was filled, but we walked around the Village until they called us when a table became available.

 They boast a selection of over 100 teas stored in these golden tins shelved behind the counter and also lining the walls around the tea parlor. Difficult to select from such a variety, the Rosemary Caramel Oolong 'spoke to me' since it is a flavor I have not sampled. Although I typically select a plain black tea, this was the opportunity to taste a unique combination of flavors that included rosemary and lavender.

The tea offered a nice blend of flavors although the rosemary was the prominent flavor with caramel undertones. The lavender was ever so subtle.

Having studied the menu options on the website before we arrived, we knew we wanted the Afternoon Tea menu. Sugar crusted triangular vanilla scones were on the top tier with Devon cream and raspberry preserves. The middle tier held an assortment of Chef's choice petite tea breads, chocolate, lemon, matcha, and orange along with macarons. The macarons are a specialty of the house, and you select the flavors you prefer. The sandwiches are on the bottom tier, and again, you select three flavors from this delectable assortment: Farmer’s Egg Salad with thyme blossoms on whole wheat, Cucumber with cream cheese and dill on white, Chicken Breast with golden raisins and curried mayonnaise on multi-grain, Cheddar Cheese and Branston pickle on whole wheat, Smoked Salmon with red onion, lemon zest and cream cheese on pumpernickel. You receive two triangular sandwiches of each of the three flavors selected.
All the tables and stools at the bar were filled while we were there so there was a definite hustle and bustle for the staff. Bosie Tea parlor boasts an 'atmosphere of serenity and just enough energy'. Along with the tasty afternoon tea, we enjoyed both the serenity and the energy as we savored our time here.


Lemon Verbena Lady said...

So glad you enjoyed it!

Marilyn said...

I love seeing each and every tearoom you visit. Also love knowing this tearoom was so busy that there was a wait, as that is a thriving business.

Linda @ Friendship Tea said...

What a fun tea to enjoy on your trip to NYC!

Ruth W said...

Looks like a wonderful place! Thanks for sharing your photos.

Angela McRae said...

Sounds like a neat place, and I find it interesting (and rather unusual) to get to choose your flavors of tea sandwich. Nice! That Rosemary Caramel Oolong sounds like a tea I would enjoy. Thanks for the review!