Friday, February 6, 2015

DAVIDsTEA Bleeker Street, NYC

We stumbled across DAVIDsTEA at 275 Bleecker Street while waiting for our Afternoon Tea Reservations at Bosie's Tea Parlor. The bold white letters on the contrasting bright teal background pulled us across the street. On the sidewalk was a hotpot filled with a tea to sample, perfect for the cold Saturday afternoon! Once we entered the shop, we were immediately greeted with a high spirited 'hello' and the offer of another tea to sample. The clerks were all quite cheerful and attentive, willing to answer any questions, and happy to welcome you to their world of tea. 

The bright colors of the exterior were repeated inside the shop. Tins full of tea lined the wall, and the staff was ever so eager to pull down a tin to let you see and smell the tea. The top of the tin had a small compartment where they put a sample of the tea thus keeping the majority of the tea separate from the sniffing and smelling of the tea.
With the limited time that we had, it was fun to explore this happy place. With such an extensive array of teas, plain and flavored, we each made a few purchases in an attempt to bring the sunshine to Pennsylvania.


Linda @ Friendship Tea said...

Another fun stop on an action-packed trip!

Marilyn said...

David's teas do draw you in with there delights and fragrances. The last time I was in San Francisco I had to visit the shop and brought a couple blended teas home. I always think they smell better than they taste, but what fun picking them out.

Angela McRae said...

Judith up in Canada has shared some David's Tea samples with me before, and I really enjoyed them! (I also happen to love their signature color, but that's just a bonus!)