Thursday, February 5, 2015

McNulty's Rare Teas & Choice Coffees, NYC

mcnultys.comMcNulty's Tea and Coffee Company is located at 109 Christopher Street between Bleeker & Hudson Streets in Greenwich Village. They have been in business since 1895 and provide a little mecca for both coffee and tea lovers. The shop bustled with business the day we arrived. Fragrance of freshly ground coffee hung in the air and several shopkeepers hustled to fill order after order as customers came in and quickly requested their favorite coffee ground to their individual specifications.

Exterior Window Display
A wide assortment of imported boxed teas lined the shelves all the way around the small shop and the center table was laden with well labeled jars of loose leaf tea. Such a beautiful display of quite an amazing assortment of teas including black teas from Africa, China, India, Russia, and Sri Lanka, oolongs from Taiwan and China, and green teas and herbal blends as well.

This was the coffee station, the real hub of the business, which was in continuous motion. Old scales no longer in service but definitely a part of the history of this fun shop sat proudly on the counter.

We suggest you add this little gem to your 'must visit' when in New York City!


Linda @ Friendship Tea said...

I thoroughly enjoy traveling along with your family. Thanks for sharing.

Marilyn said...

If I do ever get to New York I would be very curious to visit this shop. Thanks for the review.

Angela McRae said...

Now THIS looks like a fun place! I think you should have a photo caption contest of you looking at the display. Am wondering what all was running through your mind … !