Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Fruit Curd

Curdelicious produces an assortment of fruit curds including Lemon, Orange, Raspberry, and Key Lime. They are loaded with everything that makes a true English curd delicious and flavorful. They are thick and creamy and bursting with intense flavor. We are excited to introduce this product line to the shelves of The Rosemary House and served the Lemon Curd recently in the tea room at our Downton Abbey events this past week.

Curds may be enjoyed in many different ways. The most popular and well known is as a topping with freshly baked scones of course. They are perfect with toast and bagels. We also like to make a petite fruit tart by filling the tart shell with the curd, topping it with a variety of petite fresh fruit pieces and lightly glaze with gently warmed jelly. Want to take a plain cheesecake to the next level? Spread a layer of curd of your choice over the top of the baked (and cooled) cheesecake, garnish with whipped cream and edible flowers if they're available. So pretty!
Want to make your own Lemon Curd? That's easy, too. Follow this simple recipe for a Microwave Lemon Curd and impress your guests!


Marilyn Miller said...

These curds do sound delicious. I am always curious about flavors other than the common lemon.

Angela McRae said...

This sounds like a great new line (and perfect for a tea room to carry), and I love your suggestions for tarts and cheesecake--yum!