Monday, April 6, 2015

Healing Herbs by Tina Sams

Tina Sams is the editor of The Essential Herbal Magazine, one of our favorite herbal publications, so when we learned of her new book we just knew it was a "must have" and it did not disappoint. 
Healing Herbs features twenty herbs and Tina Sams managed to pick the perfect 20! Rarely do I read a book cover to cover but Tina has a pleasant easy to read writing style that  makes her book very easy and fun to read.  
The book begins with general instructions for herbal preparation which Tina Sams boils down to the simple easy to follow basic instructions.   Then it moves into the twenty herbs. Each chapter is filled with interesting details or folk lore about the herbs and then multiple recipes for cooking and medicine.
Sams shares her first hand experience with herbs but has also reached out to multiple herbalists and includes a recipe from those herbalists in each chapter as well. My contribution is in the comfrey chapter. The book is nicely indexed and features over 100 recipes for tea, medicine and dinner! This is a lovely book that has earned a spot on my bookshelf! It is available on The Essential Herbal website, or via Amazon.

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Marilyn said...

Tina's book look very nice just from the little you are showing, lovely photos and format.