Monday, September 21, 2015

Fairy Festival Fun - 2015

Sparkles and Glitter, Flowers and Rainbows, Wings and Wands, Magic and Mayhem...
the Rosemary House Fairy Festival took place earlier this month. The gardens were magically transformed into a special place. Fairies, gnomes, wizards and elves tucked here and there, and for two exciting days in September, the Fairies danced and played.
Princesses of all ages entertained and delighted the young and the old. We welcomed Faerie Fantasticals to our Festival this year and they did not disappoint. There were hugs and smiles, fairy tales told, whispers shared and wishes granted.

Faeries, Gnomes, Trolls, Elves, Fairies and Pixies danced in the Liquid Sunshine on Saturday and played with the bubbles on a very Sunny Sunday. The gardens and Rosemary Alley were a buzz of activity.

Tea Parties and Twirls,

Smiles and Hugs, Wing to Wing
Young or Old, Boys or Girls, we welcomed everyone with imagination! 
For two days the gardens magically transform into a fairyland. It is a joy to behold as mothers and fathers, grandparents, and children revel in delight and share the fantasy. And then 'Poof', the Faerie Godmother waves her magic wand and the gardens transition to their original state. The Fairy Festival becomes but a memory until next year when the fairies scamper forth and the magic begins again.


Bernideen said...

So darling and what great fun!

Linda @ Friendship Tea said...

Fun, fun, fun!

Marilyn Miller said...

How I was looking forward to this post. I just love, love your fairy festival. It was fun to see the grown ups in costume playing too.