Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Herb Festival at the John Jay Homestead

It's always fun to visit a herb festival and this one was no exception. The New York Unit of the Herb Society of America puts on an annual Herb Faire at the John Jay Homestead in Katonah, NY, traditionally the third Thursday of September. This was their 67th year for this event, and how special it was to connect with Daughter #1 (far right) who happens to live in the area.
They sold home made jams, jellies, shrubs, dried herbs and their famous Tarragon Mustard at the Herbal Pantry booth. Multiple booths were set up under a huge white canopied tent.
Fresh cut herbs and some flowers were sold at the fresh herbs booth. They also had books for sale, a gardeners green elephant booth, and a plant sale. Luncheon including their signature lovage soup, fresh sandwich, cookies and chips was available to purchase and enjoy under the shade trees.
The John Jay homestead is unique in that many garden groups help to maintain the property.  The Sundial garden is supported by the local garden club.

The herb garden is maintained by the New York Unit of the Herb Society of America.
The herb garden was laid out to feature household, culinary, fragrant, and dye herbs.

John Jay was the first Chief Justice of the US, the president of the Continental Congress and an American Statesman.

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Marilyn Miller said...

This trip reminds me of the adventure Jan and I took with you once upon a time.