Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Afternoon Tea with the Great Nieces

What a fun time we had earlier this summer! Afternoon Tea in the garden gazebo with our two young great nieces. They were just at the beginning of their summer adventure with Grandy and Poppy, traveling from NC to NY that included an overnight stop in PA. Grandy had a schedule of events on her docket, one of which included summertime treats in the garden. Susanna has a perfect little children's size tea set that was quickly pressed into service while Nancy pulled together an impromptu tea party.
The menu featured freshly sliced peaches, Mint Milano cookies, miniature chocolate chips (a  favorite), Cheerios in small casserole dish (no thank you) and tiny floral decorated sugar cubes (oh, yes please!), and tea of course.

Summertime memories of an extra special afternoon!


Elizabeth said...

Very special !

relevanttealeaf said...

Your great nieces are adorable! I'm sure that impromptu tea is one they'll remember for years to come. What special family tea parties!

janice15 said...

Sweet Happy September withlove Janice Janice

Marilyn Miller said...

Nice impromptu tea party for two little girls. No Cherrios here either.