Saturday, September 24, 2016

Orange Marmalade Butter

Although perhaps not the exact same recipe as was served at the Victorian Rose Tea House, I do have a recipe for Orange Marmalade Butter that is quite similar.

Orange Marmalade Butter
1/2 c. butter
1 Tbsp. confectioner's sugar
3 Tbsp. Orange Marmalade

Mix together, and enjoy. Particularly nice with cranberry scones, plain or blueberry scones. Ok, all scones!



Linda @ Friendship Tea said...

Orange marmalade is my favorite and I love the combination of orange and cranberries. Thanks for the recipe.

relevanttealeaf said...

Thank you for the recipe, Nancy. I will definitely give it a try.

Marilyn Miller said...

Now that does sound delicious on a cranberry scone. Yummm!

Summer said...

Nice recipe and photos ♥

Teresa said...

Thank you so much for this recipe! I did make it to the tea room later than everyone else, but the marmalade butter was delicious.
Sips and Smiles,