Friday, September 2, 2016

Victoria Lavender Farm

At one point in our trip, we spotted a sign for a Lavender Farm and the van automatically made the turn. We had only a few minutes to spend at this farm breathing in the lavender. The Victoria Lavender Farm is just one of several on Vancouver Island, BC.
The fields, consisting of 30 varieties of lavender totaling 10,000 bushes were past their full glory and had been harvested already, but the fragrance was heavenly.
After the harvest the lavender branches were being cleaned. 

The empty stems can be burned in the fireplace to keep away insects and for fun and fragrance too.

We had a quick minute to cruise through the gift shop. Lovely bunches of lavender were hanging from the ceiling, and a nice variety of products featuring lavender were available for purchase including lavender syrup, lavender honey, soap of course, and lavender bath salts. Such a sweet fragrance!

This particular lavender farm also hosted a considerable number of exotic birds.  Those are elevated bird cages behind the tables of plants.

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Marilyn Miller said...

Lucky you to find a lavender farm. It looks like a good one. There seems to be alot of lavender grown in that region, both in the states and in Canada.