Friday, May 4, 2018

Early Pond Transformation

Our pond was installed behind Sweet Remembrances Tea Room in 1990.  It was Susanna's idea, no one else was really on board with the idea for lots of reasons: the cats will eat the fish (they haven't), people will fall in (they have), it will stagnate and draw bugs (it hasn't) but never the less she persisted with a zero dollar budget and a strong back.
The limestone rocks were collected from an old farmer's field fence (with permission!) and the original pond liner was  roofing rubber traded for $20.00 worth of plants.
 A nice manageable size.  No pump. Just a simple pond with fish (12 fish for 1 dollar) to keep the bug population under control.  It turned out heart shaped by serendipity!
 Over the years the pond has undergone many transformations.  And it seems to increase its foot print with each one.  This is 2001.  A pump and small water fall was added.
Every June, Jubilee Day, a large one day street fair in Mechanicsburg takes place where kids can toss ping pong balls into a tiny fish bowl to win the tiniest fish imaginable and every year we have a mother ask if they can donate the fish they just won to our pond. They are all very happy here.


Marilyn Miller said...

I love a pretty pond and your pond seems to thrive especially with the fish being added to it each year. It must be getting rather full of fish.

Curtains in My Tree said...

how wonderful I have a friend with a beautiful fish pond

Bernideen said...

Wow - that's amazing!! Lovely!