Wednesday, May 2, 2018

May Day Basket Workshop

Last evening, May Day, was a beautiful tranquil spring night, and the setting for a special Rosemary House event with 1982 throwback pricing as part of our ongoing 50th anniversary celebration this year. With attendees gathered around various tables under the pavilion, this quick and easy May Day basket class was guided by Susanna.

Each participant received a miniature basket that was filled with a piece of pre-soaked oasis, tucked inside the cut-off bottom of a water bottle, following the recycle-reuse principle! As Susanna and Nancy offered assorted greens, fresh herb sprigs, and colorful flowers, attendees tucked the greenery into the oasis. Starting with the greens and finishing with the 'jewelry', er, flowers, a colorful fragrant May Day basket developed.

Each basket design was unique with no two alike! Such a fun, easy craft, and the perfect way to celebrate the long anticipated arrival of May.


The Victorian Girl said...

That would be so fun!

Marilyn Miller said...

I love your May Day basket. What a fun event.