Thursday, May 10, 2018

Revamping the Pond - A Summer Project!

Every few years we give the pond a make over, and last summer was the year for just that. It was dug just a bit deeper, fresh lining was replaced, and a good cleaning was in order. The plants were divided, and a stronger new pump replaced the older one we had thus creating a new waterfall.

The fish and the plants were safely stowed in a bucket until all of the renovations were completed. Once the base rocks were in place, the waterfall flowing, and the fish situated in their revamped habitat, it was time for the fun part!

Ornamental and sentimental rocks and stones were placed around the pond. Several rocks discovered while on vacation are a quiet reminder of journeys taken over the years.
Colorful plants were tucked around the edges of the pond, and a collection of lizards and turtles were interspersed among the rocks.

There are lots of hidden treasures to be spotted while watching the fish.

Summer, 2017

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Marilyn Miller said...

Your pond pictures remind me of the pond we had when I was in junior high and high school. Every summer I would climb in and catch the fish, putting them in a tub, then we would drain it, scrub it, and refill it. It was a fun summer activity. There were some fish that had lived there a very long time and were about a foot long. Oh I do love a pond and your pond looks quite wonderful.