Monday, May 21, 2018


In another few weeks, the Elder (Sambucus Canadensis) in our garden will soon be in full bloom as in the picture. 'Tis said the Faerie Queen lives under the elder bush and one should ask permission and give warning before pruning, harvesting or otherwise trampling in the area so that the queen has time to get her subjects to a safe place. Each of these flowers will later yield quite a few elder berries which we will use in pies, jellies and wine  and also to make Elder Berry Syrup. 
Elder Flowers are delicious frittered. If you want a recipe for frittered elder flowers you can find it in the classic Joy of Cooking cookbook. They are also excellent in facial or skin care products. It has some anti-viral properties making it a good herb for mouth washes and gargles as well. Some say it helps support their immune system alleviating some allergies.

Elder flower liqueur, St. Germain or St. Elder, was one of the ingredients in the Royal Wedding Cake. Elder flower cordial was also used in the recipe, brushed on the cooled cake so it could soak into the cake before frosting.

Another liqueur, Sambuca. is an anise flavored liqueur that often contains elderflower also.


Marilyn Miller said...

I do believe there is elderflower in my garden. I think I must make elderflower cordial this year. Many years ago someone made elderflower fritters for me and yes! they were delicious.

Louca por porcelana said...

What an interesting post.The flower is beautiful!

Angela McRae said...

Thank you for this, as I have been meaning to look up elder flowers. Love learning about all the wonderful properties of flowers and herbs available right here in the creation around us. (And I believe we'd all be better off if we relied on them more, but I'm certainly preaching to the choir here, aren't I!)